Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's a Tie! TWO Fabulous Award Winners!

For the first time ever in Cheer New York's Fabulous Award history... we have a tie! At last week's practice, we had TWO exceptional members steal the spotlight and really take what we say about charity to heart and put a lot of focus on the Cheer For Life aspect of our team. This was also the first time ever that a non-performing member of our team has won the Fabulous Award!

Without further adieu, we present to you......JEREMY & OMER!

Get to know our Fabulous winners!
Name: Jeremy K.
Member since: February 2013
Position: Auxiliary
Why on Cheer New York: I wish I could give you all the reasons why I came to Cheer NY in a short
sentence... On top of the great things Cheer NY does for the community and the way we give back and lift spirits, I have personal reasons why I love Cheer NY. The feeling of family and love that I get from every single person on the team is something that is extremely rare to find in New York; A hidden gem in a pocket of rust and ash. I genuinely feel connected on a personal level and that is something I didn’t realize I needed, until spending time with the team.
How long have you lived in NYC? I have only lived in NY for 2 years
What’s your favorite time of year? PLEASE! Get rid of this cold and let me wear some short shorts and a tank top laying in the grass in Sheep’s Meadow in the summer time!
Occupation? Technical Designer for a big fashion company

Name: Omer C.
Member since: February 2013
Position: Auxiliary
Why on Cheer New York: To help organizations in need and be part of an amazing group of people.
Occupation? Account Manager for Ad Agency
Where are you from originally? Israel
How did you feel about Cheer NY as a group or a moment where you felt connected to CNY? I feel that everyone on the team genuinely loves what they are doing and loves each other. It really feels like one big family that extends beyond just practices and events. I am happy to know that I have been chosen to be a member of such an amazing group of people.
Who is your celebrity crush? AHAHAHA…PLEASE don’t judge: Justin Bieber. I know maybe 2 of his songs but he is def a crush!
What do job/career would you like? Creative Director of an Ad Agency (Think of Mel Gibson in the movie "What Women Want"- minus the lightning hitting me.)

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

NYC Half 2013

On Sunday, March 17th, Cheer New York layered up to cheer at an event we participate in every year, the NYC Half Marathon. The thousands of racers weren't going to let the unseasonable cold keep them from putting a "spring" in their step! Upon arriving at the designated Cheer NY Cheer Zone, teammates were shaking and chattering due to the weather, early hour and excitement for the NYC Half. 
Once the race started, a sea of faces streamed down the West Side Highway, and Cheer New York was there near mile 11 to pump the runners up for the final stretch.
photo courtesy of NYRR

For many members of the team, this race is possibly one of the most emotional. It's always fun to dance, stunt and cheer but at this race we are able to connect more with several runners who not only waved and smiled but, high fived, hugged and a few racers even got a little jiggy with us. This race is longer and more physically demanding than a 5k, but more intimate than the NYC ING Marathon.

 We rallied on the athletes for three hours and in that time we saw the spirit of those racing; beginning with wheelchair racers, followed by the top men and women, LGBT friends from the Front Runners NY team, the thousands of NYRR racers and all the way to the very last local runner.
Some runners who were out of steam seemed to come alive and picked up the pace once they saw us. It is incredibly inspiring to see runners light up and get a second (or perhaps third or fourth) wind.
When the racers laughed, smiled and even thanked us for cheering them on, all thoughts of chilly weather were gone. And it was a special treat for us to cheer on three of our own teammates, Abbey C., Katie M., and Rachael G., as they traded in their pom poms for some sneakers and took to the pavement.
It was an intoxicating feeling knowing that you helped at least one person achieve a personal goal. We did not stunt or jump this year (due to the bitter cold), which for some members is a personal favorite part of events, but it was always easy to keep a smile on our faces at the NYC Half.
Great job and a huge congrats to the thousands of finishers from this past weekend’s NYC Half Marathon. We are proud of YOU!

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Congrats Peter and Randall!

In the 11 years that Cheer New York has been around, we've gotten to be a part of some pretty memorable experiences: cheering at the finish line at the nationally-televised ING NYC Marathon every year, being in a segment on the Colbert Report, performing on the main stage at Gay Games Germany...the list goes on. But nothing compares to the truly personal and heart-warming moments we get to experience when we're not even in the spotlight.

Last weekend at The Original GLBT Expo, our members were walking around spreading the word about our Cheer For Life charities (Art Start & Bronx AIDS Services) when we found out that there would be an LGBT wedding happening right in front of the Florida Keys & Key West booth. Naturally, we wanted to be there to cheer the couple on to wedded bliss!

We were beyond flattered to receive an email from Peter and Randall a few days after the Expo that read..."We were both extremely nervous before the ceremony….we live in laid back Key West, FL and aren’t used to all of the action….but your group’s wonderful performance and love certainly put us at ease."

Peter and Randall, from all of us at Cheer New York, we wish you a lifetime of happiness together. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of this monumental day in your lives. Please let us know if you are ever in the NYC area again - we would be happy to be your tour guides!

If you want to be a part of something monumental with us... come down to the Westside Highway at Christopher St. this Sunday where we will be cheering on the racers as they fight to finish the NYC Half 2013! We will be there supporting everyone and encouraging them to race to the half marathon finish as fast as they can. 

Are you on Instagram? Us too! Follow us, @CheerNewYork
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thank You, GLBT Expo 2013!!

This past weekend, Cheer New York appeared at The Original GLBT Expo in New York City as one of the many exhibitors at the 20th annual Expo on March 9th and 10th at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center.
Cheer NY showed off our new members, new uniforms, did some recruiting, performed stunts, jumps, cheers, dances and even tumbling to raise awareness our two local charities (Art Start & Bronx Aids Services).
The two-day event was the first performance for many of our new team members and our very own John-Deric M. performed on the main stage as did David G. with drag performer Peppermint, who even gave us a special shout out.
This event marked the start of the 2013 Pride season for Cheer New York; so many fans that came and told us how great we looked and couldn't wait to see us at the Pride Parades.

This event was such a fun and successful experience for us. Cheer New York is always honored to be with such a dynamic group of people that attend The Original GLBT Expo and who cheer us on just as much as we cheer them on.
If you missed seeing us at the Expo this weekend, fear not! Cheer New York will be on the sidelines of the NYC Half Marathon Sunday morning (March 17th) cheering on all of New York City's finest Road Runners (including a few of our own teammates, Abbey C., Katie M. and Rachael G.)! Make sure you check us out at the "Cheer NY Cheer Zone" on the West Side Highway near Christopher St. (around mile marker 10!) and say hi, help us cheer on the runners and give them a bit of encouragement!
Photo courtesy of NYRR 2012

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Friday, March 08, 2013

Fabulous Brennen!

This week, leadership crowned another Newbie Cheer New Yorker the Fabulous Award winner! They noticed at this week's practice that even when thrown into a new stunt group, even if they were struggling, this member would only use that as motivation and work even harder. This newbie did such a great job communicating with his pod and never gave attitude - he was always just ready to try it again until they nailed it.......Drum roll please........Congratulations Brennen C.!!! 
Get to know Brennen!
Name: Brennen C.
Member since: February 2013.
Position: Mid-Base / Tumbler.
Why did you want to join Cheer NY? I wanted to join Cheer NY to build friendships and to use my experience in cheerleading to show support for charities while entertaining and providing knowledge to the community.
What has exceed your expectations after being on the team? How hard everyone practices and how committed we are as a team to provide the best entertainment for charity events.
Who is your celebrity crush? Adam Levine!!!
When did you start cheerleading? 9th Grade.
How long have you lived in NYC? 8 Months!
Where are you from originally? The middle of the woods in nowhere Pennsylvania.

If you're in New York City this weekend and are looking for something to do to get out of the snow, make sure you stop by The Original GLBT Expo at the Javits Center! Cheer NY will be there throughout the entire weekend dancing, stunting, flipping and collecting donations for our two charities that we're raising money for with our Cheer for Life Fund! Tickets are only $17 but all the fun (and swag) is FREE!!! 

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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Cheer NY & The Original GLBT Expo!

This is a big year for The Original GLBT Expo as they celebrate their 20th year! Cheer New York will be there as we have been for many years past, to help boost the excitement.
Please join us Saturday March 9 and Sunday March 10, both days from 12noon to 6pm.
Come get a sneak peak at what we've got up our sleeves for Pride season as we show off our stunts, tricks and flips! Don't forget that we are cheering for charity, so make sure you show our donation bucket some love. The sexy men and women of Cheer NY will be their dancing and cheering their butts off, just for you- so please stop by and say "Hi!!"
Photos by HeyMrJason Photography and courtesy of Out Magazine, at The Original GLBT Expo, 2012.

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Monday, March 04, 2013

Fabulous Newbie: Ashley!

If you haven't caught up with us lately, you may not know that Cheer New York recently had tryouts! It's always so great to see the energy and enthusiasm that our newbies come in with. Leadership really noticed Ashley S. stepping up at this week's practice. Always eager to be involved in whatever stunt is being thrown, always practicing the dances and cheers with her teammates when there's down time... It was an easy decision for the leadership to crown her this week's Fabulous Award winner! 

Get to know Ashley S!!

Ashley was born and raised here in NYC, she started cheerleading when she was 12 years old and you might be surprised to learn that she is ambidextrous! Even though she hasn't hit it yet, her favorite stunt is a kick-double...she says "one day I'll get there and master it!" Like everyone else in NYC, she's looking forward to spring so she can wear spring dresses and flip-flops.

Congratulations on winning the Cheer NY Fabulous Award Ashley!

Wondering where Cheer New York will be next? Make sure to come say hi to us at The Original GLBT Expo on March 9 & 10!


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