Friday, September 13, 2013

Six Flags: Out At Night 2013

This year Cheer New York started off the 2013-2014 season with the 10th annual Gay Day "Out At Night" presented by Mark Nelson and Gage (Kris) in association with Six Flags Great Adventure

As the guests entered the park, we greeted them with stunts, cheers and dances to start their night off on a high spirited note. 

Gay Day "Out At Night" is the largest gay private event held annually in the U.S. It was an event filled with cute boys and girls, roller-coasters and a healthy dose of Jersey drama!

Cheer NY performed a few times for the LGBT Six Flag goers: At the entrance, at the water fountain and also at the main stage to the sounds of DJ's Eddie Baez, Steve Sidewalk and Hector Fonseca. Guests loved every moment of it! We even had a few record our performances and ask for pictures. 

After a few hours of performing all cheerleaders got the opportunity to enjoy the rides, play games and dance back at the main stage. 

Congratulations to all newbies who attended their very first event as an official Cheer New York member and thank you to all the veterans for warm welcoming love.

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