Monday, March 04, 2013

Fabulous Newbie: Ashley!

If you haven't caught up with us lately, you may not know that Cheer New York recently had tryouts! It's always so great to see the energy and enthusiasm that our newbies come in with. Leadership really noticed Ashley S. stepping up at this week's practice. Always eager to be involved in whatever stunt is being thrown, always practicing the dances and cheers with her teammates when there's down time... It was an easy decision for the leadership to crown her this week's Fabulous Award winner! 

Get to know Ashley S!!

Ashley was born and raised here in NYC, she started cheerleading when she was 12 years old and you might be surprised to learn that she is ambidextrous! Even though she hasn't hit it yet, her favorite stunt is a kick-double...she says "one day I'll get there and master it!" Like everyone else in NYC, she's looking forward to spring so she can wear spring dresses and flip-flops.

Congratulations on winning the Cheer NY Fabulous Award Ashley!

Wondering where Cheer New York will be next? Make sure to come say hi to us at The Original GLBT Expo on March 9 & 10!


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