Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Who's Fabulous? Cody!

As the workday winds down here on the East Coast, our Cheer New York members still have a long night ahead of them with another practice that will go into the night. These practices only get tougher and more grueling as we are fast approaching our Pride season (17 days 'till Queens Pride; 24 days 'till Brooklyn Pride; 25 days 'till Philly Pride and a short 45 days 'till NYC Pride)!!

As you (our loyal blog readers) may have noticed, we award a different team member each week for an exceptional job well done at practice. We hope that you've enjoyed getting to know a few of our team members, but now it's time to recognize one more! Last Wednesday, Cody W. really did an exceptional job filling in wherever we put him with a phenomenal attitude. Won't you please join us in congratulating Cody for winning this past week's Fabulous Award! 

Take a moment to get to know Cody W. a little better... 
Name: Cody W.
Member since: Fall 2010.
Position: Base.
Why did you join Cheer New York? I originally joined Cheer New York because I missed cheering so much. I've been cheering since I was 15, but after joining this amazing team, making some of my best friends and helping out the community the way that we do...the reasons are endless!
Age: 31 years old.
Occupation: Freelance dancer and choreographer.
Where are you originally from: Utica, upstate New York, it's about 4 hours away from NYC.
How long have you lived in NYC? I moved to NYC in 2010...the day I moved here, I tried out for Cheer NY!
How long have you been cheerleading? I started when I was 15.
What is your favorite stunt/trick? Basket tosses.
What is your favorite Cheer NY event? I have two favorites! The ING New York City Marathon and NYC (Manhattan) Pride.
What do you do with your free time outside of Cheer NY? I work as a dancer, hairdresser, makeup artist and costume designer. Although it's my work, that is what I do for fun!
List six things you couldn't live without: My family, my iPhone, dance, cheerleading, chocolate and love.
Tell us something interesting that you want our readers to know about you: When I grow up, wait...I'm 31 (HAHAHA). When I die, I want to be known worldwide for my passion for dance and the performing arts.
What is your favorite time of year? Spring.

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