Thursday, July 31, 2008

Red Hot on Fire Island: Part 2

"Bring out the Drag, Bring Out the Gays, Let's all Go to the Dance by the Bay!!!" Such was our cheer mating call to bring attendees to the Bay Dance, part of another fantastic weekend on Fantasy...I mean... Fire Island. What better way to celebrate our country's independence than with the star-spangled, red, white, and blue cheerleading troop, Cheer New York.

That's exactly what the Fund in the Sun, the group that organized the Bay Dance, had in mind when they hired Cheer New York to entertain party-revelers at the Friday, July 4th celebration. After rallying, Cheer New York went sallying forth into the party with baskets, show 'n go's, chairs, and even shaking our 'nsynced groove things a little. After finishing stunts that were spine-tingling, CNY members ended with some mingling.

While on the Isle, other facts to file are a drag invasion as long as the Nile, recruiting for try-outs down the High-Tea aisle, and making connections with the House Reflections that will last for months and miles! -Rick H.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Katie!

Today is Katie M.'s birthday!!

Katie has been an immensely dedicated and entertaining member of Cheer NY since she first joined in July of 2005 (btw Happy Anniversary too!). Admittedly there are probably much better pictures of Katie out there but this one sums up her pretty darn well.

Thanks for all the laughs! Hope you have a great b-day Katie!!

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Monday, July 21, 2008

T-R-Y O-U-T! It's Try-Out time!

(Yes, you too could look this sexy in polyester!)

Are you looking for the perfect combination of community involvement and snazzy uniforms? Are you surrounded by Debbie Downers and you need some new upbeat friends? Would you like to spice up your workout routine by lifting people instead of weights? Have you always secretly wanted to be a cheerleader but thought your chances were over after college?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you should come check out the Cheer New York try-outs. Details below:

Wednesday, July 23rd (7 pm - 10 pm)

Monday, July 28th (7 pm - 10 pm)

You must attend at least ONE clinic. You can come to both to get your skills up.


Wednesday July 30th (7 pm - 10 pm)

Tryouts and clinic will be held in midtown Manhattan. Call the Cheer New York Hotline 1-888-671-7312 or email us ( to sign up and get info and exact location.

No experience necessary! Join Us!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Proud!...and Wet

About half a million people attended New York's Pride Parade to cap off a month of LGBT celebrations throughout the city. And since it's the biggest and most anticipated event for Cheer New York, a 30-strong contingent -- current and former CNYers and volunteers -- marched down from Fifth Ave. to Christopher St. to bring energy and spirit to an already fabulous occasion.

But about 15 minutes into the parade, the sky tore open, thunder struck, lightning cracked and rain poured by the gallons (fortunately we were able to get in a few photographs before). Still, that didn't dampen the spirits of CNY members as they traversed the city: dancing, stunting and posing (remember the scantily clad fireman?).

Here's what some CNYers said:

"Walking down Fifth Avenue in the middle of a thunderstorm certainly added adventure to the parade. That the crowds stayed outside too in the middle of it all really proved the incredible amount of Pride that this city has!"~Jennie

"Pride is a magical time of year because it is the ONLY time when trannys, chelsea boys, dykes, thugs, heteros and everyone in between are standing together smiling and cheering without a care in the world. It is my Disney World!" ~Captain Manny

“Nothing is sexier than wet cheerleaders!! The rain was only fuel for our fire! Thank you to EVERYONE that supported us! I'm proud of CNY and I'm proud to be Gay!!”~Raelyn


"No downpour could dampen the pride and spirt of Cheer New York. Our shoes were squishy, our make-up smudged, but the parade must go on, so we BROUGHT IT!" ~Heather

Another year, another successful Pride Parade! Thank you to all the hardcore Pride supporters that continued to cheer us on and keep us pumped up through the rain. Without you we would have just been a bunch of wet cheerleaders walking down 5th Ave!

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Why I Love Cheer NY...