Thursday, March 21, 2013

NYC Half 2013

On Sunday, March 17th, Cheer New York layered up to cheer at an event we participate in every year, the NYC Half Marathon. The thousands of racers weren't going to let the unseasonable cold keep them from putting a "spring" in their step! Upon arriving at the designated Cheer NY Cheer Zone, teammates were shaking and chattering due to the weather, early hour and excitement for the NYC Half. 
Once the race started, a sea of faces streamed down the West Side Highway, and Cheer New York was there near mile 11 to pump the runners up for the final stretch.
photo courtesy of NYRR

For many members of the team, this race is possibly one of the most emotional. It's always fun to dance, stunt and cheer but at this race we are able to connect more with several runners who not only waved and smiled but, high fived, hugged and a few racers even got a little jiggy with us. This race is longer and more physically demanding than a 5k, but more intimate than the NYC ING Marathon.

 We rallied on the athletes for three hours and in that time we saw the spirit of those racing; beginning with wheelchair racers, followed by the top men and women, LGBT friends from the Front Runners NY team, the thousands of NYRR racers and all the way to the very last local runner.
Some runners who were out of steam seemed to come alive and picked up the pace once they saw us. It is incredibly inspiring to see runners light up and get a second (or perhaps third or fourth) wind.
When the racers laughed, smiled and even thanked us for cheering them on, all thoughts of chilly weather were gone. And it was a special treat for us to cheer on three of our own teammates, Abbey C., Katie M., and Rachael G., as they traded in their pom poms for some sneakers and took to the pavement.
It was an intoxicating feeling knowing that you helped at least one person achieve a personal goal. We did not stunt or jump this year (due to the bitter cold), which for some members is a personal favorite part of events, but it was always easy to keep a smile on our faces at the NYC Half.
Great job and a huge congrats to the thousands of finishers from this past weekend’s NYC Half Marathon. We are proud of YOU!

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