Monday, April 29, 2013

Mikaela Is F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!

Now that we are getting closer to Pride season, Cheer New York is working really hard to learn new and exciting stunt sequences to wow the crowds. Last week at practice, we tried something new that was a challenge to even the most experienced of flyers. Mikaela D., who is not only new to the team but also new to flying, took this challenge in stride and was able to successfully hit the stunt. That's why she's this week's Fabulous award winner! She listened to the advice of her bases with a smile and wasn't afraid to try something new. Great job Mikaela! Thank you for all of your hard work each week!

 Mikaela D. (right) pictured at The Original  GLBT Expo with her sister, Ember D. (left)

Here's a little more about Mikaela!

Name: Mikaela D.
Member since: February 2013.
Position: Flyer / Tumbler.
Why are you on Cheer New York: My sister Ember has been on Cheer NY for the past few years and I had always wished there was a similar organization where I was living. After visiting, I decided to stay and live in NYC just a couple weeks before tryouts. I jumped at the chance to join Cheer NY, get involved in the community and meet new friends. It is awesome to be able to make a difference while doing something I love with such a fantastic group of people. I am looking forward to the rest of the season!
Occupation? Commercial Real Estate.
Where are you from originally? California.
How long have you lived in NY? Since January 2013.
What’s your favorite stunt/trick? Anything new!
What do you do in your free time? I love to spend time with my sister and friends cooking, eating, and going on adventures.
What’s your favorite meal? Kimchi jjigae.
What’s the last book you loved? The Art of Racing in the Rain.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jovani Is...FABULOUS!

Jovani P. is always a team player who is willing to step up whenever the team needs him. This past week, one cheerleader had to step out of stunting and couldn't do his part of the pyramid, and Jovani stepped in right away to make the stunt happen.

Way to go, Jovani! 

Here's what you need to know about this week's Fabulous Award winner...

Name: Jovani ("Jeo") P.
Member since: 2011.
Position: Base / Tumbler.
Age: 25.
Favorite stunt: 360 full-up high-to-high tick-tock bow-and-arrow double-down.
What would people be surprised to learn about you? That behind this tough exterior lives a quiet and innocent little boy.
Who is your celebrity crush? Prince Harry of Wales.
What do you do in your spare time? Cheerleading.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Cheer NY Fundraiser At The Ritz TOMORROW!

Tomorrow, Saturday April 20th Cheer New York will be at the Ritz Bar & Lounge fundraising for our Cheer For Life fund! 

Join the charitable cheerleaders of Cheer New York at the Ritz this Saturday (tomorrow)! We will be there from 10PM - 3AM. We ask that you pick up a FREE entry pass from one of our cheerleaders! For each pass the Ritz collects at the door, Cheer NY gets a $2 donation towards charity! We will be there collecting donations, selling shots, and go-go dancing!! There will be not one, but TWO DJ's (Jon Jon Battles and Xavier) there spinning some serious jams and making sure you're having a good time no matter where in the bar you might be. And you don't want to miss Dallas Dubois! 

The Ritz Bar & Lounge is located at 369 W. 46th St. 
between 8th & 9th Ave.

Please RSVP on our Facebook invite 
or contact us for more information,

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sing It On!

Last Sunday, April 14, Cheer New York hosted a karaoke fundraiser night with DJ Patrick Kuzara at the Time Out New York Lounge. Patrick took the stage at 8 o'clock sharp singing Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" to get the night started.

The rest of the night, the stage was never empty. We had a great mix of performances from our own Cheer NY cheerleaders, as well as some really talented audience members. Adele, Shania Twain, Lady Gaga, Sister Act, Beyonce... you name it, we sang it.

A loud shout out to everyone who bought the raffle tickets too! Congratulations to all of the winners!

For everyone that was able to make it out on a school night to sing along with us, THANK YOU!! These charitable cheerleaders sure are proud of you! 

NEXT FUNDRAISER: If you missed us last weekend, we will be at The Ritz Bar & Lounge this Saturday (April 20th) night from 10pm-3am! Make sure you pick up a"TICKET" from a Cheer New York member as the Ritz will be donating TWO DOLLARS to Cheer NY on behalf of every person that walks in the door with a ticket. We will also be dancing, selling shots, drink specials.... all that good stuff, so please stop by! Get in touch with a member from our team, or contact us directly for more details. 

Don't forget to spread the word about our charitable cheerleading on your favorite social media site!
We are now on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  @CheerNewYork

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Sing It On -- THIS Sunday!

This Sunday, April 14th @ 8 pm - 12 midnight, Cheer New York, along with DJ Patrick Kuzara, will be hosting  
"Sing It On: Cheeraoke for Charity" at Time Out NY Lounge
(downstairs at New World Stages)!!

We will be there singing and cheering on your performance, while Patrick drops some sick beats. This is an event not to be missed! Please help us spread the word: Join our event on Facebook (and invite all of your friends and co-workers), TWEET about it, and share! share! share! on your INSTAGRAM (make sure you tag us! @CheerNewYork)!

There is no cover charge, drinks are reasonable, and all the rah-rah and fun included is FREE! We are excited about Sunday's charity event and look forward seeing you there.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Brian, You're Fabulous! ~~*Kiss Noise*~~

Week after week, the farther we get into our season, and closer to Pride, Cheer NY members really start stepping up their game at practices and giving it their all, which makes it hard for our Coaches to decide who is most deserving of that night's Fabulous Award. This past week, it was one of our amazing Veterans who really inspired the team. Never one to let anything stop him, and always one of the firsts to help out behind the scenes -- this week's well-deserving recipient of the Fabulous Award was...Brian W! Coaches really appreciate the extra work that he puts into Cheer New York. Sidelined from stunting until next season due to medical issues, Brian doesn't let this stop him from taking on whatever extra conditioning he can squeeze in to make sure he's in shape for Pride season - that is of course if he's not spotting or helping other teammates perfect their dances.

Please help us congratulate Brian W. and take a moment to get to know him a little better!

 Photo compliments of Hey Mr. Jason Photography.
Name: Brian W.
Member since: 2006.
Position: Mid-Base / Tumbler.
Why joined Cheer NY: Where else can you give back to the community and look FIERCE while doing it? It's good for your muscles too.
Where are you from originally? Sidney, NY...A place with more cows than people.
When did you start cheerleading? When I joined Cheer NY in 2006. I came from a dance and acrobatics background which I had been doing since 1986.
What’s your favorite stunt/trick? "It's a Prep!!" - coach Mike V.
Who is your celebrity crush? Jason Statham.
What’s your silliest fear? Being in some type of "Saw" style situation.
What’s your favorite meal? Dessert.
What’s your favorite Cheer NY event? NYC PRIDE!! 

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Friday, April 05, 2013

Cheer NY Cheers Loud & Proud!

We know that all of our supporters cannot make it to every Cheer New York event so we want to share with you a video of what Cheer New York is about: from our stunting, tumbling, and dancing to the lifting of spirits at our charity events and fundraisers. As we approach this year’s NYC Pride season we aim to continue inspiring hope and encouragement in our audiences everywhere while continuing with our "Cheer for Life" mission.

ADD US on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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Monday, April 01, 2013


Even though Pride season isn't for another couple of months, Cheer New York is already working hard on getting our stunts perfected. As a sport, it comes with the territory that sometimes we are going to get bumped, bruised, and a little banged up. But this week's Fabulous Award winner didn't let that stop her. Even if she may have been a little nervous about trying new stunts, she never showed it. Like a true professional, she remained safe and encouraged her teammates to try again until they got it right...Just a few of the reasons why CASSIE J. won the Fabulous Award this week!!

Get to know one of our awesome Newbies! 
Name: Cassie J.
Member since: February 2013.
Position: Base.
Why on Cheer NY: I recently moved to New York from California and was looking for a way to meet a new group of people when I happened to see Cheer New York at Barnes & Noble wrapping gifts around Christmas time. I immediately looked up the team online and knew I just had to try out, not only because I missed the sport and wanted to meet all these amazing and talented people, but because everyone on the team works for a common goal that is completely selfless and helpful to the community. I’m so happy to be a part of this team and I already feel that I’m helping make a difference in New York even though I’ve only been on the team for a couple of months!
When did you start cheerleading: 8th grade.
What’s your favorite Cheer NY event: So far, the NYC Half Marathon. It felt so good making people smile and giving them that extra encouragement toward the end of the race.
What would people be surprised to learn about you: I’m trilingual! Quieres hablar en Español o vuoi parlare in Italiano?
What’s your favorite stunt: Baskets, they always get the crowd going.
Who is your celebrity crush: Ryan Gosling, his abs are ridiculous!


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