Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Remembering Andrew Jonas

Sad news to relay today, Andrew Jonas, former Director and one of the founders of Cheer New York, has passed away in his mother's home.

Andrew was instrumental in Cheer New York's early years and without his dedication and hard work, the team would never have grown and thrived into the organization it is. Also known by the nickname, "Princess," Andrew's forceful and unique personality was legendary among the team and throughout New York City. He will be missed. Cheer New York is grateful for all the time and attention Andrew provided during his tenure with the team.

We are grieved by this sad news and offer our support, thoughts and prayers to his mother, friends and family.

Felipe H.

Clay S.
Business Manager

Scott W.
Marketing Manager

Mike V.
Asst. Coach

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Earlier this week, we gave you a head's up about Cheer NY's upcoming segment on the new WNBC afternoon show LX NY. We hope you set your dvrs. But in case you missed it, you can check it out on their WNBC website, or right here!

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/video

Hope you enjoy watching it as much as the team enjoyed taping it! Correspondent Ben Aaron is truly a talented and funny guy.

Oh and in case you're wondering about what you see, it's not really as intimidating to try out as Aaron makes it seem. We played it up for comedy. What IS true, is CNY is supportive and works hard to help anyone be the best we can be. When people try out, the team cheers for them and wants everyone to learn, grow and excel as an athlete!

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Let's hear it for the boys!

Film still from Ready? OK!,
the story of a boy who just wants to cheer!

Of course Cheer New York makes it a habit of checking out the latest news, reports and great photos and fashion that the cheer magazines feature every month. They're great resources for safety tips, new stunts and mounts, fundraising ideas and so much more. But one thing you rarely see in the spotlight are the men of cheerleading.

We get it. We understand that the mainstream cheerleading market is mostly made up of teenage girls. Also, all eyes are usually on flyers, and more often than not, they are exclusively women (well, except on Cheer NY and other Pride Cheerleading Association teams).

Still, this cheerleader got a moment's thrill when he spied the current issue of Inside Cheerleading magazine. There, front and center of their All-Star issue cover, is a handsome young MAN. A true rarity in the cheer press, where images of women usually dominate, 10 to 1, and men are almost never featured alone especially on a cover.

So Cheer NY is sending a shout out and "thanks" to Inside Cheerleading for devoting one out of six covers and symbolically spotlighting the often overlooked and unsung male contingent of the cheer community. Men increasingly are recognizing that cheerleading is a tough, demanding, challenging and rewarding sport that anyone can be proud to be a part of. And we thank Inside Cheerleading for noticing!

You can check out Inside Cheerleading's blog here. Coverboy Griff is one of the authors, by the way.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

CNY Bachelor Auction, this Tuesday!

Some of Cheer New York's hunkiest bachelors will be on the block this Tuesday for a good cause. Proceeds will benefit Cheer New York's Gay Games fund.

Cheer New York will be traveling to Cologne, Germany in less than a year, to cheer for Team New York athletes as they compete in the Gay Games 2010. Help Cheer NY get there by attending and forwarding this invite to your friends.

Special CNY guest Shocka Convict will be hosting the night and as always, look for NYC's premier GLBT cheer squad to entertain with stunts, dances and lots of spirit.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
8:00pm - 10:00pm
76 Christopher Street

For more information, see our Facebook page invite.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Cheer New York, on NBC Tuesday

With the VH1 DIVAs concert over and Cheer New York's national commercial off the air, were you afraid you couldn't get your CNY fix on the tv machine anymore? Fear not!

Set your DVRs today for WNBC channel 4's new program LX NY. They sought out CNY and invited the team to appear on their show during their first few episodes. Described as "a fast-paced, witty and irreverent take on what’s going on in the city," LX NY will spotlight Cheer New York this coming Tuesday during it's September 22nd episode.

The team takes LX NY correspondent Ben Aaron through the Cheer New York audition process. Though CNY may make cheerleading look easy, Ben soon finds out it isn't! Overwhelmed with frustration, can he continue? Can he find the spirit to go on?

Tune in Tuesday, September 22nd at 5pm (EST) to find out!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

DIVAS Concert Live tonight!

CNY Director Felipe H. gets a touch-up, while Vh1 Director Vinny Lopez helps
teammates Raymund F. and Rick H. find their motivation.

Cheer New York was very excited to be asked to appear in a nationally televised commercial (click here to watch it) for the new Vh1 Divas Live Concert, premiering tonight on Vh1 at 9 pm. Newbie Janelle A, took part in the shoot, and shares her experience below!

“The first time I saw the commercial I was so excited that I watched it two inches from the screen, my eyes more open than a 7-Eleven, smiling so hard my cheekbones twitched for a good 5 seconds after it was finished. I couldn't believe eight hours of shooting was condensed into 40 seconds of perfected soundbytes of what "Divas" means to Cheer New York. I immediately showed it to my roommate, who watched it three more times with me.

I was so excited and proud to be a part of this event and even more proud that Cheer New York and its mission was going to be on a nationally syndicated commercial. The following day my girlfriend and her husband called me from California saying they were eating breakfast to me on their 42-inch television. I was contaminated with a case of the giggles at the thought that 3,500 miles away, people were seeing what I had watched over and over and over again- so the experience was real, and my experience, thus far, with this organization has been nothing short of incredible.

We may be recognized more for our bright uniforms and gasp-inducing stunts and pyramids, but at the heart and soul of this team are 45 members dedicated to raising money for charties and people living with life threatening illnesses, such as AIDS and cancer through our Cheer For Life Fund. And, I can definitely speak for all of them when I say that the people we raise money for are OUR inspiration and the reason we continue to do what we do- cheer for life!”

The team will gather at XES Lounge (157 West 24th St) in Chelsea tonight at 8 pm to watch the concert together. Fans, friends and supporters are all welcome to come in and join the team!

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Friday, September 04, 2009

You're invited!

Cheer New York is having a decidedly upscale event, in support of our Gay Games 2010 fundraising efforts. The Moore Brothers Wine Company is sponsoring Cheer New York's first "Wine to the Rhine" wine-tasting party.

Representative from the Moore Brothers' Company will share their knowledge about the fine the wines to be poured, and guests will be invited to taste each of them. Of course, Cheer New York will on hand to entertain with cheers and pass out hors devours. Guests may purchase wines at the store below.

Act fast as spots are limited! RSVP at our Facebook page or by making a $24 donation here: http://www.cheerny.org/donations.htm before September 9, 2009. Tickets at the door will be $30.

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