Thursday, July 30, 2009

The envelope please...

Cheer New York was thrilled by record attendance at our two weeks of registration clinics and tryouts for the 2009-2010 cheer season! Our wannabe cheerlings were, without exception, fantastic and amazing people, and we were grateful for everyone's interest in CNY!

A virtual sea of red, blue and white, this was our biggest tryout to date! In fact, we had so many people in our studio we had to cap the number of recruits at 35, though we had many more applicants eager to audition. But don’t worry, we invited those who were not able to tryout this time to register now and be first in line for our mid-season tryout in January.

Today, we are pleased to invite the following 19 very talented and charitable recruits into our 2009-2010 Cheer New York organization and family, making our current team 45-members strong:

  1. Cat M. – Tumbler, Mid-Base

  2. Colyn F. – Tumbler, Mid-Base.

  3. George B –Tumbler, Mid-Base.

  4. Greg F. – Base.

  5. Jaime C. – Flier.

  6. Janelle A. – Flier.

  7. Jeanette B. – Flier.

  8. Jessica S. – Tumbler, Base.

  9. John Z. – Base.

  10. Josh G. – Base.

  11. Kerry H. – Base.

  12. Laura T. – Flier.

  13. Melissa P. – Mid-Base.

  14. Paul S. – Tumbler, Base.

  15. Rachael G. – Base.

  16. Ren F. – Base.

  17. Ryan M. – Flier.

  18. Sam S. – Base.

  19. Wilson V. – Tumbler, Base.

    1. CONGRATULATIONS to ALL!!! See you at practice!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Congratulations to our new 2009-2010 Captains!

Nicholas P., Lara B. and Katie M. submitted their heartfelt essays on why they would serve as exemplary leaders on Cheer New York and were chosen by their teammates to serve as Co-Captains and Assistant Captain, respectively, for the 2009-2010 cheer season.

The trio will join the current CNY Administration and lead the team to Gay Games in Cologne, Germany next July 2010, our first international trip that will serve as a proud milestone in CNY’s eight-year history.

Starting his second season on Cheer New York, Nicholas P. has proved to be one of the most optimistic and cheerful members on the team. As Co-Captain, he’ll use his positive attitude and organizational skills to help the team achieve their athletic and fiscal goals.

Lara B., also in her second year on the team, showed her leadership skills when she organized and executed a TiVo event for the team in May. Having evolved into the role of one of the main fliers on the team, Co-Captain Lara B. will use her team-building skills to help the team grow athletically.

Katie M., a fifth-year veteran of Cheer New York, will serve as Assistant Captain, a title she originated in 2006-2007. A self-proclaimed (and we agree!) cheerleading addict, Katie M. has outstanding attendance at practices and events. She also contributes to the CNY blog and newsletter.

We look forward to an outstanding 2009-2010 season, led by Captains NichoLaraKat!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Big Turnout for Clinic #1 on Wednesday

Twenty-six cute and talented recruits showed up to tryout for Cheer New York's 2009-2010 season.

Nicholas F. gives great cheer face, while assistant Captain Mike V. demonstrates a jump in the background.

Recruits learn jumps.

Recruits are taught our new team cheer. Pride and spirit forever. (Turn the wrist around, cutie! We'll learn him!)

Friday, July 03, 2009

Great photos from Sunday's Pride!

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Enjoy! And see you at tryouts in three weeks!