Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An Update regarding Andrew Jonas

The Cheer New York organization would like to thank everyone for your well wishes and kind words on the passing earlier this month of our Founding Director, Andrew Jonas.

We've been in touch with Andrew's mother Dottie, and wanted to relay the following information.

There is still no official cause of death, and his mother decided not to have a service, as was his expressed wishes. Andrew had also asked that in lieu of flowers or service, donations be made in his name to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. To that end, Cheer New York has established a fundraising page, where donations can be made in his memory. It can be found here: Donations may also be made via PayPal at the Cheer NY website ( Please make a note on the CNY website that your donation is for Andrew.

We hope it will bring his mother comfort to know that Andrew is remembered by the community he gave so much to.

At Saturday's annual Cheer New York Anniversary and Team Awards Dinner, the squad took time to remember Andrew. Leadership and members shared their memories and paid tribute to his hard work and devotion that helped shaped the team into the organization it is today. In addition, a moment of silence was observed, which was broken by the familiar and time-honored chant: "We are proud of you, we are proud of you!"

Andrew's spirit and vision live on through the charitable works and family that is Cheer NY. But Andrew also lives on because he chose to be an organ donor. Eight people will enjoy improved health and longer and fuller lives because of his selfless gift. Let this be a reminder of the importance of these programs and please take a moment to consider making a similar pledge, if your faith allows. Information can be found here.

Later this fall, the team will be conducting the first ever “Andrew Jonas Children’s Cheer Workshop.” We wanted to pay tribute to Andrew's love of both cheerleading and teaching by offering free expert instruction to an under-funded New York City school. We are in the process of selecting a school that might otherwise not be able to afford any proper cheer coaching. It is CNY administration's intention to make this an annual event. We felt spreading the joy of cheering and ensuring the safety of the next generation of cheerleaders was a fitting and lasting tribute to Andrew’s name.

Last, this Sunday (Oct 18th), the team will gather with Andrew's mother, from 2 pm to 5 pm, to share memories, a potluck meal, and raise a glass of toast to him. Please contact our current Director, Felipe H., at to RSVP or if you would like more information.

The Administration and Members of Cheer New York

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2009 CNY Awards: "The Fiercies!"

The team traded in their sweats and spankies for more far more upscale attire for Saturday night's event. It was the evening anticipated all season, the annual team birthday dinner and Cheer New York Awards night!

Our master of ceremonies, Director Felipe H. (above with asst. Captain Katie) set the fashion high bar, cutting a suave figure in his tuxedo. Other teammates followed suit, in beautiful cocktail dresses and upscale suits and ties. The fashion trends for the evening were shades of purple and debonair scarves. No reports on who people were wearing, but it wasn't Varsity! (Click pics to enlarge.)

The venue was Elmo, where the team gathered to celebrate the start of our eighth year together. Feasting on a buffet of chicken, salmon and mashed potatoes, everyone was buzzing, "Who would take home the coveted 2009 Cheer New York Awards?" With a team as fierce and talented as Cheer New York, it's anyone's game. The team and administration voted and the tallies were close.

But it wasn't only a celebratory dinner. The team took a moment to remember Andrew Jonas. Andrew was the founding director of Cheer New York and passed away just weeks ago. Leadership and members took some moments to share their memories, and pay tribute to his hard work and devotion that helped shape the team into the fantastic organization it is today. A moment of silence was observed, which was broken by the familiar and time-honored chant: "We are proud of you, we are proud of you!"

After the awards were handed out, delicious red velvet cupcakes, courtesy of Nicholas F. and Nicholas P. were happily devoured by all.

The coveted "Cheerleader of the Year" award went to flyer, Nicholas F. a recognition of his tireless commitment; to the team, to the sport, to our fundraising efforts.

Cheer Loud, Cheer Proud Award 2009 - Nicholas F.
Best Jumps Award 2009 – Lamont J.
Deney Terio Dance Award 2009 – Lamont J.
Mary Lou Retton Award 2009 – Monica M.
Cheer for Life Award 2009 - Rick H. & Kerry H.
Unsung Hero Award 2009 – Ren F.
Miss Congeniality Award 2009 – Joey B.
CNY Auxiliary Award 2009 (new category!!!) – Jeffrey D.
CNY Most Improved Flier Award 2009 – Maiko N.
CNY Most Improved Mid-Base Award 2009 – Cameo B.
CNY Most Improved Base Award 2009 – Stephen D.
CNY Recognition Awards 2009: Katie M., Nicholas P., Lara B., Mike V., Scott W., Clay S., Felipe H.

Still going strong after eight years together,
pride and spirit, now and forever, Cheer New York!

To see more pictures from the night, check out CNY's Facebook Album.

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