Monday, March 31, 2008

And the Spirit Stick Goes to.....

For those of you who may not be "down with the cheer lingo" or for the very few people out there that haven't seen Bring It On, the Spirit Stick is sacred to cheer.

On Cheer NY the Spirit Stick is given out each month by our two captains. I know what you are wondering..."How does one win such a coveted cheer prize?" Well, it's not easy; the winner of the Spirit Stick eximplifies everything that Cheer NY strives to be. They are spirited, outgoing, positive, giving, kind, always willing to help others and so on. Really the list is endless.

And who won this month's highest honor? The lovely Iliana F (shown here with Dan V, all dolled up for the CNY awards dinner)!!

Below is some information I managed to get out of her during her demanding schedule of being fabulous.

Nicknames: Ilz, Ilz got da skilzzz, Margarita
Hometown: Longmeadow, MA
Occupation: Nickelodeon drudge
When did you join CNY: 2005
Previous cheer experience: Cheered in highschool and college
Favorite stunt: Hmmm good question..there are a lot of fancy stunts but there's nothing like a super high basket toss to take your breath away
Which do you prefer basing or flying?: I love basing but at the moment I'm really digging flying because it's a new challenge to me.
Favorite CNY moment: Performing at the 2006 Gay Games

What can we say....."She's sexy, she's cute, she's popular to boot!" (sorry, had to throw in another Bring It On reference) Congrats Ilz!

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Happy Birthday Scott!

It is quite a birthday month for Cheer NY! This past Friday was our Marketing Manager Scott W.'s birthday (depicted above basing a shoulder sit with Will A.)

The number of things that Scott has done for CNY since he joined the team is almost unspeakable, so make sure to send him all your biggest birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday Scott! Thanks for everything you bring to the team.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

It's a double CNY Birthday!

I would like to wish a BIG Happy Birthday to two of our incredible Cheer NY members, Will A. and our team's Business Manager Clay S. (Will is on the left and Clay to the right).

Just look at those cheer faces!! It must be a "born-on-March-24th" thing.

Happy Birthday boys! Can't wait to celebrate with you at practice tonight!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Congratulations Maiko!

Our very own Maiko announced at practice this past week that her long time boyfriend asked her to marry him!! Maiko and her (now) fiance, who are both originally from Japan, are hoping to have two celebrations, one in Japan and one in New York.

Congratulations Maiko! We will start creating your wedding cheer now!

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Sara!

Yesterday was our lovely Sara's birthday. I'm sure, like always, it was one kick butt celebration!!
Send her all your best!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tea With Teddy....You've Been Served

Dive in the pool...
Recently at Gym Bar, two CNYers in particular were whacking balls and turning heads…on the pool table! If they weren’t sinking 8 balls, they were catching the attention of more that a few bar patrons. The sexy pool sirens in question were none other than my favorite gay-sian newbies, Will and Raymond. Is it me or do I see a future tag team developing?

Passion for fashion...

While the entire world seems to be going green, what cheer squad decided to go RED? None other than Cheer New York! New uniforms modeled by Felipe H. and Iliana F. showed just how red with envy everyone will be this spring.

CNYer goes bi…
Are my green eyes deceiving me or was that Dan V. going bi…? Bi –POSITIONAL that is! It seems the perma-tanned cutie has decided to come out of the air and start basing, and quite well actually! Screw variety, VERSATILITY is the spice of life!

Nip/tuck or back tuck…
Who was looking easy, breezy and beautiful, fresh off a plane from Thailand? Who else but our own, Clay. If he didn’t have a perfect body before I would have sworn someone had a little work done.

Stars and Stripes Forever...
Was that Tonika S. I saw sewing stars to the new spankies? (wow say that 5 times fast) apparently with every toe touch, spectators will get a dose of astronomy. Maybe this will start a trend. Hey Paris, hey lindsay, no more crotch-o-graphs.

Well dahlings, this has been Tea with Teddy…and you’ve been served.