Friday, September 18, 2009

Cheer New York, on NBC Tuesday

With the VH1 DIVAs concert over and Cheer New York's national commercial off the air, were you afraid you couldn't get your CNY fix on the tv machine anymore? Fear not!

Set your DVRs today for WNBC channel 4's new program LX NY. They sought out CNY and invited the team to appear on their show during their first few episodes. Described as "a fast-paced, witty and irreverent take on what’s going on in the city," LX NY will spotlight Cheer New York this coming Tuesday during it's September 22nd episode.

The team takes LX NY correspondent Ben Aaron through the Cheer New York audition process. Though CNY may make cheerleading look easy, Ben soon finds out it isn't! Overwhelmed with frustration, can he continue? Can he find the spirit to go on?

Tune in Tuesday, September 22nd at 5pm (EST) to find out!

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