Thursday, September 17, 2009

DIVAS Concert Live tonight!

CNY Director Felipe H. gets a touch-up, while Vh1 Director Vinny Lopez helps
teammates Raymund F. and Rick H. find their motivation.

Cheer New York was very excited to be asked to appear in a nationally televised commercial (click here to watch it) for the new Vh1 Divas Live Concert, premiering tonight on Vh1 at 9 pm. Newbie Janelle A, took part in the shoot, and shares her experience below!

“The first time I saw the commercial I was so excited that I watched it two inches from the screen, my eyes more open than a 7-Eleven, smiling so hard my cheekbones twitched for a good 5 seconds after it was finished. I couldn't believe eight hours of shooting was condensed into 40 seconds of perfected soundbytes of what "Divas" means to Cheer New York. I immediately showed it to my roommate, who watched it three more times with me.

I was so excited and proud to be a part of this event and even more proud that Cheer New York and its mission was going to be on a nationally syndicated commercial. The following day my girlfriend and her husband called me from California saying they were eating breakfast to me on their 42-inch television. I was contaminated with a case of the giggles at the thought that 3,500 miles away, people were seeing what I had watched over and over and over again- so the experience was real, and my experience, thus far, with this organization has been nothing short of incredible.

We may be recognized more for our bright uniforms and gasp-inducing stunts and pyramids, but at the heart and soul of this team are 45 members dedicated to raising money for charties and people living with life threatening illnesses, such as AIDS and cancer through our Cheer For Life Fund. And, I can definitely speak for all of them when I say that the people we raise money for are OUR inspiration and the reason we continue to do what we do- cheer for life!”

The team will gather at XES Lounge (157 West 24th St) in Chelsea tonight at 8 pm to watch the concert together. Fans, friends and supporters are all welcome to come in and join the team!

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