Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Brian, You're Fabulous! ~~*Kiss Noise*~~

Week after week, the farther we get into our season, and closer to Pride, Cheer NY members really start stepping up their game at practices and giving it their all, which makes it hard for our Coaches to decide who is most deserving of that night's Fabulous Award. This past week, it was one of our amazing Veterans who really inspired the team. Never one to let anything stop him, and always one of the firsts to help out behind the scenes -- this week's well-deserving recipient of the Fabulous Award was...Brian W! Coaches really appreciate the extra work that he puts into Cheer New York. Sidelined from stunting until next season due to medical issues, Brian doesn't let this stop him from taking on whatever extra conditioning he can squeeze in to make sure he's in shape for Pride season - that is of course if he's not spotting or helping other teammates perfect their dances.

Please help us congratulate Brian W. and take a moment to get to know him a little better!

 Photo compliments of Hey Mr. Jason Photography.
Name: Brian W.
Member since: 2006.
Position: Mid-Base / Tumbler.
Why joined Cheer NY: Where else can you give back to the community and look FIERCE while doing it? It's good for your muscles too.
Where are you from originally? Sidney, NY...A place with more cows than people.
When did you start cheerleading? When I joined Cheer NY in 2006. I came from a dance and acrobatics background which I had been doing since 1986.
What’s your favorite stunt/trick? "It's a Prep!!" - coach Mike V.
Who is your celebrity crush? Jason Statham.
What’s your silliest fear? Being in some type of "Saw" style situation.
What’s your favorite meal? Dessert.
What’s your favorite Cheer NY event? NYC PRIDE!! 

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