Saturday, May 02, 2009

Pandemic sweeps CNY!

No, it's not swine flu! Seems the talented and charming ladies of Cheer New York are increasingly falling prey to the charms of NYC's most eligible bachelors!

Today, long time CNY veteran Jen L. ties the knot with fiancé Ron (let's hope her technique has improved since last fall, see above).

We've missed Jen gracing the tops of our favorite pyramids, as she's been wrapped up in planning today's festivities. But the effort and the sacrifice will be worth it as no one can bring a spirited good time to an event like Jen, as we've seen time and again.

Always a consummate team player, Jen has been a patience and committed mentor to our new recruits. If she's half as good training her new hubby, they're in for a fantastic, life-long love affair. Congratulations, Jen and Ron!!!

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