Friday, May 01, 2009

Ramblers Ra-Rahs vs. CNY Cheers: A Soccer Rumble at the Piers

The soccer gays were ready for us this year. They bedazzled their shirts; they wore headbands; and shook their own pompoms, as we regaled them with our Spring 2009 cheerdance routine at our second annual visit to the Indoor Classic Soccer Tournament, held at Chelsea Piers on Saturday, March 28th.

As the performing guests, we cheered loud and proud for the New York Ramblers, the host of the international sports gathering, and for the multitude of teams, with many athletes coming from San Francisco, Atlanta, and as far away as Italy. We fed off their enthusiastic energy as they remembered us from last year, with hoots and hollers permeating our choreographed routine, nicely put together by Captain Mike V. The teams loved it. But don't take our word for it, watch the video! We were pumped. And they were pumped, scoring plenty of goals afterward.

They remembered last year's fierce-and-flawless inaugural performance. They were such fans that some even asked afterward about their favorite team members (i.e., Dan V.). We told them some couldn't make it this time. Maybe 2010 tournament?

I have a feeling they'll even more ready for us next year. Hmm, maybe they'll do toe-touches! (I can see a battle going down. Can't wait!)—Raymund F.

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