Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Cheer New York sends out a hearty congratulations to Madison Gay Hockey Association, who was named's Best Gay Sports Group of the Year 2008.

Though we didn't win, Cheer New York is super proud of our members and organization!!! We made it to the Final Four and last round of voting in the Outsports Local Groups Challenge. We received over 3,000 votes and ended up defeating 3 powerhouses: Rugby, Wrestling and Basketball - all tied to strong world gay leagues and all (coincidentally) from San Francisco. Cheer New York is impressed and humbled by the support and love we received from family, friends, fans, CNY alumni, other cheer groups, and all the many LGBT athletic teams in NYC that voted for their fellow New Yorkers!

We were also touched by the fact that many of the charities and organizations we raise money for and support during the year, cheered "us" on! It was nice to read their comments and emails. Even the cheerleaders, need cheering...every once in a while!!!

Go Cheer New York!

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