Monday, April 20, 2009

Gay Male Cheerleader Spices Up Rugby Squad Down Under

Nineteen year-old Aaron Neich is fired up to be the only openly gay male cheerleader in Australian National Rugby League history. Earlier this month, he was selected at an audition for the Penrith Panthers rugby team, whose base is near Sydney.

On the field, he’ll be wearing black cargo pants, a pink tank top, although without the pompoms that the rest of his 22 female teammates use. They’re already calling him the “Pink Panther,” which the out-and-proud athlete didn’t mind.

“We were looking at expanding the squad and we thought why not utilize the strength of a guy,” says Laura Harrison, the cheer squad co-manager.

Aaron has been dancing for five years and teaches acrobatic skills.

“Penrith haven’t really seen any male cheerleaders, they are going to be like ‘Oh My God,’ I am going to get out there and strut my stuff,” Aaron said. “Just the fact that I am going to be the only guy, not being selfish but I am going to be the one that stands out.”

First home game for the Panthers and for Aaron will be March 21 against the Bulldogs. Click on the video link below to see Aaron Neich show off some of the Penrith Panther dance moves.

CNY cheers Aaron for representing! Cheer Loud, Cheer Proud!

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