Friday, April 24, 2009

Cheer for Life (time commitment)!

Frank, the lucky groom, and Captain Kelsey

Today's a very special Cheer New York event. Our former Captain, and one of our intrepid bloggers, Kelsey is not, however, wearing CNY's famous, red, blue and white cheer uniform. No, she's just wearing white! Because she's going to the chapel (well, really a vineyard) and she's gonna get married!

The team sends out a hearty congratulations to Kelsey and Frank today as they embark on that adventure of married life! We're sure anyone with a scorpion as great as this, has the flexibility it takes to make it work.

Maiko tied the knot last summer, and with Jen L, Tiffany G., and—breaking news!—Iliana F. all engaged, the race for the first Cheer New York baby begins. Betting pool starts Monday!


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