Friday, April 17, 2009

Outdoor Practices Resume!

As the weather grows warm, you know where Cheer New York can be found; practicing on the piers of the West Village. Monday nights are our optional outdoor practice night. Cheer New York can be found at the Charles Street Pier (one pier north of the Christopher Street pier), stunting, cheering, and perfecting their routines in preparation for upcoming cheer events.

Spectators are welcome to come by and watch and take pictures. It's a good time to get info about the team, if you're thinking about trying out in July.

Please be aware though, we are practicing and have to concentrate; so we can only take a couple of minutes to answer your questions. We'll be performing at many walks, races and parades in the next few months and we've got work to do during the limited daylight hours. Please be respectful if you swing by, but definitely say hi, and shout "Cheer for Life!"

(Photos courtesy of Dr. Thomas Novella and Karim Kai Louge.)

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