Monday, December 03, 2012

What Is Cheer For Life?

This is the season of giving, and that is exactly what Cheer New York is all about. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle and forget what the meaning of the holiday spirit is all about. But don’t worry, stick with Cheer NY and we can help you figure out the best charity to donate to on behalf of your boss (wink! wink!)… us!

Cheer New York’s mission is to make the world a little bit better by raising money through our Cheer For Life fund and giving the money we raise to small local charities in New York City that support the fight on aids, life-challenging illnesses and conditions. Every year, we pick a new local charity to support, but because of our growing fans and increased number of members, this year we decided to choose two charities! The money that we raise this holiday season and in the upcoming year will be split equally between the two charities our Cheer For Life fund will be supporting: Bronx Aid Services and Art Start.

The first charity that we've chosen is The Bronx Aid Services (BAS). Its mission is to help adolescents and adults in the Bronx area that are HIV positive or at risk who lack the means and resources they need in their daily lives. BAS was started in 1986 and helps over 8,000 people living in the Bronx by offering them counseling, legal aid, and medical services.

The second charity that Cheer NY chose to support is Art Start. Every night 17,000 children spend the night on the streets or in a homeless shelter. The purpose of Art Start is to nurture these 17,000 children through daily creative art projects conducted at homeless shelters. Founded in 1991, Art Start helps transform and educate young lives through music, art, and other creative arts.

So, if you’re having trouble with the perfect gift for that special someone, donate to our Cheer for Life Fund on behalf of them and help out one of the 17,000 young children through Art Start or a Bronx resident affected by HIV. We will be gift-wrapping Thursday through Sunday at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square where your donations will help support the two charities.

Everyone at Cheer New York wishes you and yours a happy holiday season!

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