Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cameo, You're Fabulous!

Hello to all of our loyal Cheer New York blog followers. We apologize it’s been a little quiet around here. First and foremost, we want to thank everyone who has reached out to us in the midst of hurricane Sandy. Your strength and support means so much to us. Rest assured, no one from Cheer NY was seriously harmed or injured. Thank goodness!

Because of all of this crazy weather, Cheer NY had their last practice for the fall 2012 season on Oct. 24. The winner of the last fabulous award went to a veteran who has really come back to prove herself this season. Please give a huge congratulations to Cameo S. for really stepping up her game lately. Leadership chose Cameo as this weeks fabulous award recipient because athletically, she has really improved. But more importantly, she has improved her commitment to this team and always serves up a good dose of healthy competition at every practice or event.

"Super excited about getting the fabulous award. I wish I had some glitter to throw!" - Cameo S.

We wish we had some for you too! You deserve it!

Please come out to see your favorite Cheer New York members this holiday season, we will be wrapping gifts at the Union Square Barnes & Noble December 6-24! Don't forget that all of your generous donations go to charity!

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