Thursday, October 25, 2012

Who's Fabulous? Mark C!!

Cheer New York was at it again last Wednesday for another grueling practice. At the end of each practice, our leadership gets together and decides who should win that night's fabulous award. Some nights, it's a no-brainer and other nights, each of the teammates have worked equally as hard so it might be a bit tougher for them to decide. It's especially difficult when you have a teammate who is consistently fabulous, they can almost fly under the radar. That is exactly why Mark C. won last week. Since joining the team at the end of the summer, Mark has showed up to every practice and almost every event. He has helped a ton behind the scenes and always gives 110%. 

"I am so honored to be part of Cheer NY and to be recognized as fabulous. Thank you team for allowing me to be part of something greater than myself!" - Mark C.

Thank YOU Mark, for being so fabulous!
Cheer New York is taking a break from practice next Wednesday to go trick-or-treating! But keep checking in with our blog, we've got some great posts coming up from our most recent events!

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