Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cheer NY At The Walk To End Alzheimer's 2012

As much fun as we all have being able to cheer in multiple pride parades, bar events that even take place at sea, and sometimes even on Broadway, nothing is more satisfying than when we are cheering people on at a charity walk or race. Back on October 21, Cheer New York cheered on hundreds of adults, kids, and even dogs at the Walk To End Alzheimer’s.

This time around Cheer New York cheered people on as they are arriving on an early, chilly morning and you could just see the excitement in their eyes that there were real cheerleaders there… for them! 

We cheered them on when they were halfway done by throwing stunts and thanking them for being there.

 And finally, we cheered for them again when they finished a very long walk for a very good cause.

Being able to thank people who come out for such a good cause and having them thank us for being there for them is one of the most amazing and humbling feelings a person can have. This reminds us all why we are a part of this organization and what we do for people who also do great things like participants of the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

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