Saturday, September 29, 2012

Congrats to our new Co-Captains!

At the end of every Cheer New York season, the time comes when our current co-captains have to step down, and pass the torch onto a new set of co-captains. This year, we were sad to say goodbye to Nicole Z., Brian W., and Wilson V. as our 2011-2012 leaders, but it gives us great pleasure present to you our new 2012-2013 co-captains, Deanna G., Dennis N., and Latoya L.! (a.k.a. Ladeedee)

"Running for captain was such a fufillling experience, not was I only being given the chance to be apart or this amazing team but was given a chance to be a leader for all members." - Deanna 

Back at the end of June, the team took to the polls and voted on the candidates they felt best suited for the position.
"Trying out for captain was a fun, intense, roller coaster ride. Through it all I hoped that the team would vote me captain based on my qualifications and dedication to representing them in the best way I know how. And guess what? They did!! I look forward to living up to my fellow team mates expectations for 2012-2013, it's gonna be an awesome year!!" - Latoya

Latoya, showing just how excited she was to win co-captin...
These three are full of character and zest! 

"The 2012-2013 season has been awesome for me as a co-captain.  I really enjoyed the try-out clinics and getting a chance to meet the newbies and bring them up to speed.  I think Deanna, Latoya, and I are a great team and created a fun, helpful, energetic atmosphere to make the new recruits feel welcomed and excited to join such an awesome squad." - Dennis

A very belated congratulations you three. It is a role very well deserved. You all are doing such a great job so far, keep up the superb work!
If you are in Manhattan this weekend, please come see us tomorrow at Riverside Park for the NYC Walk 4 Hearing where Cheer NY will be cheering on all of the walkers! 

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