Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vote for Cheer New York for Gay Sports Group of the Year 2008!

The cheerleaders of CNY need you to cheer for them! Cheer New York is in a showdown with San Francisco Fog Rugby team for Gay Sports Group of the Year 2008 at We need your vote! Click here and vote for Cheer New York in the Navratilova Bracket. In addition to bragging rights, the team could win $250, which will go to build our "Cheer For Life" fund, which supports other charities.

Let's make a statement about who the real athletes are. Don't let the rugby team run away the the ball! Help us out by voting right now, and encouraging your friends and family to vote too.

You can vote right here:

And you can send this link to all your friends and family and keep on clicking!

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