Friday, March 27, 2009

A Dozen Great Reasons to Vote Cheer New York!

It's down to the race for the Final Four in's "Best Gay Sports Team 2008" competition! We beat the rugby team, we beat the wrestlers, now help us beat the SF basketball team!

We've got a dozen great reasons to vote CNY!

Here's CNY cheering on participants in God's Love's "Race to Deliver" which raises money to provide free, healthy meals delivered directly to the door of people suffering from major illnesses like AIDS and cancer.

Here's CNY delivering a $3,500 donation to Haven of Hope for Kids, a small grassroots charity that provides week-long retreats for families affected by a child with a serious illness.

For 10 more great reasons, go here. Please, take a moment to "Cheer for the cheerleaders!" Please.

You can vote here:

Or right here:



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