Friday, November 21, 2008


Cheer New York was fortunate enough to be asked to welcome park guests at Six Flags “Out At Night” party!! Even though it meant a two-hour road trip out of the city, including an embarrassingly well-executed sing-a-long to “I’m Coming Out”, it was worth it for the chance to shake our stuff by the Fountain as we greeted the thousands of excited people into the park for a night of roller coasters, drag queens, and a ridiculously fun evening at the park. A bunch of CNY’ers turned out to put a smile on the faces of the park guests before splitting up to enjoy the attractions for themselves. For those who preferred libations over lines, there were plenty of places to mingle with the appreciative admirers, while those of us who hadn’t gotten tired of screaming, even if it meant waiting for an hour, enjoyed losing our voices on the new Dark Knight ride among many others. Considering the last time I was at Six Flags there were chaperones involved, it was great to see such a colorful crowd at the park living it up.

Overall, “Out at Night” it was a blast, and hopefully we’ll be back next year! - Tre

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