Wednesday, October 29, 2008


They traded their Nike's for Gucci's, their poms for cosmos and half pulled out their ponytails for some layers and bangs – no, it wasn't the Emmy's, but it was all-the-way glam, nevertheless.

Everyone was dressed up to the nines on Cheer New York's anniversary and awards dinner on the night of Sept. 24th at the swanky hotspot Elmo restaurant in Chelsea. They toasted the team's accomplishments and honored those team members who made a difference in making this past season --its sixth! -- the best ever.

Here are the fantabulous 2008 award winners:

Cheer New York Recognition Awards – Tiffany M., Mike V., Raymund F., Tonika S., Scott W., Clay S., Felipe H.

Cheer Loud, Cheer Proud Award–Nicholas F. & Mike V.

Deney Terio Dance Award–Matt A. & David G.

Mary Lou Retton Award–Dan V.

Best Jumps Award-Will A.

Cheer for Life Award–Rick H.

Unsung Hero Award–Nicholas F.

Miss Congeniality–Mike V.

Newbie Award–Diego T.

CNY Most Improved Flier–Katie M.

CNY Most Improved Mid-Base–Will A., Nicholas F.

CNY Most Improved Base–Raymund F.

CNY Cheerleader of the Year–Rick H!!!

When everyone finished up their speeches, posed for those Facebook pictures and popped all the red-and-blue balloons, they left feeling like 10s and ready for Season No. 7!

-by Raymund F.

(from top: newbies Tre, Lara, Diego and Gray; the ladies of Cheer NY; Cheer Loud, Cheer Proud recipients Mike & Nicho
las F; Mary Lou Retton Award winner Dan)

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