Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cheerleader of the Year 2008: A Poem

Rick H. was so excited about winning the Cheerleader of the Year award this year that he HAD to express himself through prose. Enjoy!

Cheer New York, it's all about us.
At Elmo, they must've wondered what's all the fuss.
Year after year, we come to celebrate,
With food and a cake made by Nicholas (squared) -- a full plate!

Balloons, ribbons, pictures, and people dressed to the nines,

Drinking margaritas, cosmos, and fancy wines,

But warmer than that wine dribbling down Tonika's dress,

Was the love I felt recognizing the year, one of Cheer New York's best.

NYC is a huge place, making it easy to get lost in the shuffle,

But being on CNY has helped make the sense of life out of the kerfuffle.

There've been rough times, bouncing from gyms to studios to the pier,

But we've come out ahead -- and CNY is going strong into its seventh year!!

I'll never forget the day Felipe called and told me about the team,

Back then winning Cheerleader of the Year seemed like a dream,

But because of the love and support, like Manny -- my personal growth -- it SHOWS.

But don't think that I'll just bask in the honor that this award bestows.

No! Harder, better, faster, stronger just like Matt implored.

Fundraising so that trip to Gay Games in Germany, we can afford.

And using
goodsearch.com whenever I get bored.
And bringing to the team more unity and accord,

n the meantime though...

CNY, thanks for the love, the laughter, the sweat! - that is embodied by this award.

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