Friday, January 09, 2009

Welcome Cheer NY Newbies!!

After one of our most FUN tryouts, we are pleased to announce that the following seven recruits will be joining our Cheer New York organization and family.

(Name - Position, Gender, Height, and 2 or 3 Fun Facts about them...)

Alex B. - Base, male, 6'2", middle school teacher, step coach, amazing singer!

Cameo B. - Midbase, female, 5'6", actress, was in a beauty pageant, knows Bring It On verbatim!

David G. - Midbase, male, 5'9", ballet dancer, experienced tumbler, dances like Beyonce!

Lamont J. - Midbase, male, 5'8", choreographer, experienced tumbler, was on So You Think You Can Dance!

Luis P. - Base, male, 5'9", student (graphic artist), moved from Mexico, tumbler, has all-star background!

Marcelo D. - Base, male, 5'11", gymnastics coach, experienced tumbler, choreographer!

Stephen D. - Base, male, 5'9", accessories designer, knows Cheer for Life perfectly, great massage therapist!

Welcome newbies!! Now let the hazing begin. ;)

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