Thursday, August 02, 2012

International Aids Conference 2012

The weekend of July 21 and 22, Cheer New York joined forces with PCA members Cheer Los Angeles and CHEER San Francisco for a fun-filled stunt fest as part of the “March on Washington: Keep the Promise on AIDS” in Washington, DC. Despite ominous rain clouds and poor weather on Saturday, the groups assembled near the steps of the Capitol Building to learn a high-energy collaborative routine before welcoming International AIDS Conference 2012 participants at Union Station with stunts, basket tosses, glowing smiles, and the repeated chants of “Keep the Promise!” The following afternoon, the three teams opened for comedian Margaret Cho, Wyclef Jean, and a number of other well-known national figures who had gathered as spokespeople for the global fight against AIDS. After wowing the audience with some high-flying crowd pleasers, the group then took its positive energy to the streets, cheering, stunting, dancing, and flipping all the way from the Washington Monument to the Capitol Building.
Cheer New York would like to thank Cheer Los Angeles and CHEER San Francisco for granting them the opportunity to participate in such an amazing and important event. 
We had a fantastic time with all of you and look forward to collaborating again in the near future! Keep the promise! GO PCA!

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