Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Congratulations to our New Assistant Coach, Mike V!

Cheer New York is proud to announce the promotion of Mike V. from Co-Captain to Assistant Coach!

Mike V. has been on the team for two and a half years. Between leading practices, creating routine music, writing cheers and choreographing dances, Mike V. has proven to be an invaluable asset to CNY. A cheerleading maniac, Mike V. always gives 110% effort in everything he does! Mike has a strong, no-nonsense leadership style but it has not impeded his popularity among the team one bit.

Cheer New York is thankful to have such a well-rounded and talented person fill the role of Assistant Coach. Congratulations Mike V!

Additionally, watch for the always photogenic Mike V. showing off his skills in this year's edition of the Time Out New York Student Guide. Mike makes a tiny-weeny cameo appearance on the page, doing--what else?--cheering on GBLT-identified sports teams. Time Out NY's Gay & Lesbian section profiled some of our favorite fellow athletes from Front Runners, NY Gay Basketball League, Team New York Aquatics, Gotham Rugby and Gotham Volleyball. Read the article, written by Cheer New Yorker, Scott W, here. Go teams, indeed!

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