Thursday, October 09, 2008

Passing the CNY Captain Torch

At the beginning of Cheer New York's 2008-2009 season, new captains Mike, Tiffany M and Raymund were elected. When asked to reflect on their past year as captains, here is what 2007-2008 captains Manny, Tonika and Katie had to say:

"I have been lucky enough to have experienced the role of captain 2 times during my almost 7 years on CNY. My first time was way back in 2003 with Clay. I was a lot younger at the time and although I had a good idea what it is to lead people I felt more comfortable with the role of “drill sergeant”. My second season I was joined with two exceptional ladies, Tonika and Katie. With them learned how to reach out to my team members and to my co-captains for support and for those moments where I just needed help.

As CNY begins its 7th season, my words of experience to captains, admin and my teammates is to be as close as you can be to each other and remember why you are a part of Cheer New York… to have fun, entertain thousands of people and of course help raise money for the CHEER for LIFE Fund!!!!!!!"

Tonika: "So now that my reign is over as captain of Cheer New York I thought I should reflect on a little bit.

This year has really been amazing! I had really tough shoes to fill of not only a wonderful captain and leader of CNY but of my best friend! Kelsey set a standard that I knew I had to live up too!

The year was excellent, being able to participate in so many events, raise money to give back to the community and more. Watching the team grow in skill as well as closeness was my goal as a captain. I really saw the effects of how positive CNY has become when for tryouts we took the largest class since I have been a member (11 new members total!!)

Through the late night phone calls, texts, emails, spirit nights, celebrations, walks, pride, and more I have learned how much the members of this team love CNY! It is the moments that I have had with
each and every member of CNY that made the year a success, those moments that brought me to tears and a smile to my face, and those moments which will stay in my heart as I pass the Spirit Stick over to a new group of people to continue this standard of excellence that we call we Cheer New York, Cheer Loud and Cheer Proud!"

Katie: "Last season I was lucky enough to be the first ever Assistant Captain for Cheer New York. CNY captains have much to do, from planning spirit nights to leading warm-ups to remembering and celebrating all 36 of our birthdays! With that being only the tip of the iceberg, CNY Administration created the new position of Assistant Captain to help lighten the load of these hard working folks.

Having the opportunity to work with the captains and Administration this past year really strengthened my love and respect for CNY. Everyone on the squad works full-time jobs in addition to the time put into CNY, including our Administration. With my nonprofit experience, I've always helped out behind the scenes. However, being Assistant Captain gave me the chance to really see the inner workings of our team. Many people just see the glamour of our performances, but what is truly impressive is the work that happens backstage. Without Felipe, Clay, Scott, our captains, and other squad volunteers, we would not have anywhere to perform. We would not have a sound system to play our music, choreography to dance, or uniforms to wear. Most importantly, we wouldn't be able to raise thousands of dollars each year to help charities throughout the city. It was an honor to work closely with this team, and though I am now title-less, I will continue to work off-stage and on to support CNY do what we do best - keeping spirit alive!"

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