Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Introducing our New Captains!!

In August all the captain hopefuls sent out heartfelt essays explaining to all of Cheer New York why they should be chosen to help lead the team through another eventful year. Here are a few of our favorite tidbits from the essays:

"I hope that I am given the opportunity to bring a little something extra to the table to CNY. But if not, know that I am not going anywhere. I still plan to give 110% and provide CNY with original cheer music for years to come!" -Mike

"My friends have always told me that I'm a joiner. Nothing could describe me better. And I'm glad I joined this close-knit group, which has already taught me so much as a person and as an athlete. And now, I'm ready to be more involved."-Raymund

"I'm addicted to cheerleading and need you to enable my habit. Signs of addiction include: consistent attendance at practice, signing up for nearly every optional event, maintaining the MySpace page, writing articles for the newsletter and blog, co-planning the annual awards dinner, and uncontrollable clapping."-Katie

Congratulations to Tiffany M, Mike and Raymund, our 2008-2009 Cheer New York Captains and Assistant Captain.

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