Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meet the Cheer NY Newbies!

CNY had one of it's best tryouts ever! We welcomed nine new cheerlings to the squad: Tre B., Jason S., Josh B., Nicholas P., Lara B., Ali S., Gray C., Diego T. and Chip R. They impressed us with their skills, enthusiasm, spirit, and all-around fierceness!

And they have jumped right in! Nicholas P. rocked it out in the Logo Channel taping on Friday (see previous post). And fellow newbies Lara B. and Diego T. proved themselves CNY superstars, stunting and charming VIPs at a Nike-sponsored Fashion event in SoHo on Aug. 8. Director Felipe says: "I can't say enough how thrilled we are to have you guys as part of our charity organization."

But let's hear what Nicholas P. had to say about tryouts and joining the CNY family:

"I was a bit nervous even though I had some cheer experience from High School over 10 years ago. I even convinced my former roommate Ali, to attend the clinic with me. We were greeted by Clay and he immediately began chatting with us and making us feel welcomed. The clinic was AWESOME! I remember Scott helping me with part of the cheer and was very appreciative of everyone's assistance. I chatted with Ali afterwards and we both knew we wanted to try out--hands down.

On tryout day we did stretching & practices as a group and it was very nice to see such a team effort from everyone. I knew this was a group I could be a part of as everyone was nice, supportive, and knew how to have a good time, despite everyone's nervousness. After tryouts, we awaited an e-mail the following day with the results. I was anxious and when the e-mail came, I was so excited! I made the team!

I feel very accepted into this diverse group of individuals. I have been to two practices and one sign up event and I feel like I have been a member for much longer than a week. Everyone works with everyone, especially the newbies, as we learn the material, work on our jumps, and practice stunting. Everyone has a positive attitude and despite the hard work we put into practice, it seems like fun. I am happy to be part of this team, this charity organization. I am a cheerleader for Cheer New York, what else can I say?"

Check back next week to hear from another one of our newest members!

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