Saturday, August 02, 2008

Cheer New York – a big “hit” in London!

An international friend of our illustrious Director, Felipe H, was recently seen sporting a ‘Cheer New York’ t-shirt as part of his outfit in a Rounders Tournament, in Hyde Park, London, England. ‘Ian-the-British-guy’ says, with his tongue in cheek British wit, “Rounders is like a harder version of baseball, but for real men…” The amateur tournament was organized partly for fun amongst London YMCA gym members and as a fundraiser for a leading British HIV charity. Ian, the last man standing in his red team (hence why he wore the red t-shirt) was helped along by the British crowd
shouting “Go, Cheer New York!”

The infamous red t-shirt was given to Ian for being one of the top ticket-sellers for the CNY Sea Tea Cruise last summer, 2007. Ian is going to be back in NY in August this year, and hopes to catch up with CNY on the 2008 Sea Tea on August 24th. In the meantime, he sends CNY his warm wishes from across the Atlantic.

“Go, Cheer New York!!” (British accent optional!)

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