Monday, June 16, 2008

Red Hot on Fire Island

“Your shirt is soooo old,” exclaimed the slapdash dentist in the Sip ‘n Twirl Bar referring to what he thought was an “I Love NY” t-shirt. “Actually it says, ‘I love Cheer New York. It’s a spin off.” Almost as much as I love Cheer New York, I loved spending a relaxing weekend on Fire Island with my CNY pals, Felipe, Mike, Raelyn, Raymund and Will this past weekend (June 8th and 9th) and donning that shirt designed by Will.

Some of the highlights of the weekend were a hilarious game of netless volleyball with other people cheering us on for a change, a marathon drag show (like seriously 4 hours) with Porchia, elite stunts on the beach, talkin’ it up with heel-stretching pool boy and potential recruit Brandon who unfortunately would not allow us to stunt in the pool, and scarfing down some breakfast-burrito and lunch-at-burger-king style pizzas at the local joint in Cherry Grove. Oh, and hitting a chair on the first-go-round in the aforementioned bar with Felipe was pretty awesome, too!

Looking forward to more summer fun in the sun! –Rick H.


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