Thursday, June 05, 2008

Grab Your Camera!

A lovely young man who goes by the name KarimKai on took these incredible pictures at the pier during this week's Monday practice. Muy impresionante! What can we say, we are constantly tossing people into the air, which tends to attract a lot of attention and often some amazing photographers.

If you happen to come across CNY at any of our upcoming events (June events listed below), send us your pictures! We would love to show them off on our blog/website/myspace or facebook page.

June 7th(2-4pm): CNY practice on Charles St. pier
June 14th(8:30-10pm): Brooklyn Pride
June 21st(2-4pm): CNY practice on Charles St. pier
June 28th(8:30-12pm): Front Runner's Pride Run
June 29th(12-4pm): NYC PRIDE PARADE!!

Once again, Happy Pride! Now go grab your camera!


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