Friday, January 16, 2009

E-X-P-O lets go Expo!!!

Yes you heard it! Cheer New York once again wowed audiences at this years Gay Life Expo. This year the team was in great spirits as they raised money for Haven of Hope for Kids (a country retreat for families caring for children with a life-limiting illness) and presented two expo attendees with individual prizes for their generous support.

The Expo has always been one of Cheer NY's premier events. It is also the squad's chance to recruit new members and show of their skills. Cheer NY performed various times for expo attendees and the look on their faces as stunts were thrown and dances performed was priceless. It is something you never get tired of seeing. During these these hard economic times it's nice to see a group of people putting on a show to raise money for those unfortunate and bringing smiles to those who watched. That's what we do is all about. We can definitely consider ourselves as "Ambassadors of Good Will and Spirit"! -Clay S.

(Above: Vergil, Clay and Felipe work the donation/information table. Right: Lara and Nicholas F. show off their stunting skills)

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