Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Colbert Report

If there is one other thing that Cheer NY is good at besides cheerleading (there isn't JUST one thing but for argument sake let's just pretend) it is being able to throw together something brilliant at a moment's notice. Even I was in awe when the film crew from The Colbert Report asked us to do some sort of performance for a piece on the show and the "Truthiness Cheer" was born.

Here is your background story....a few members of Cheer NY were at Brooklyn Pride making one last stroll down the street fair, hoping to score some more free banana-coconut-chocolate deliciousness from the Starbucks truck. Our attention was drawn to a small crowd when suddenly our skillfully trained eagle-eyes spotted a video camera and the microphone with The Colbert Report logo on it. Maybe some normal members of society would keep walking or even just stop to watch, but we are not normal we are Cheer NY! Scott, our turbo cheerleader walked right over, and said "Hey! You want to interview us?" Have to love that Scott!

All credit for this masterpiece "Truthiness Cheer" has to go to Leonard. Someone casually mentioned that Stephen's (yes, I feel we are on a first name basis now) enjoys the word Truthiness and BAM!! we got ourselves a cheer. They originally taped us answering a few questions they had been asking different people at the festival about how gay Stephen Colbert really is, but made a completely different segment soley about us. Yes, we are apparently THAT awesome!

The show aired on Wednesday, June 21st and has been repeated quite a few time since. You can watch it yourself on

Check it out!


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